Digital Specs

Web Banner Specs
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The Risk Brief, Predict & Prevent and WorkersComp Forum Newsletters
The Risk Brief newsletter most days of the week, Predict & Prevent newsletter weekly and WorkersComp Forum weekly. Responsive Design.

Specs: The Risk Brief and Predict & Prevent: 970x250 banner, company name as you want it to appear, url and text copy with 350 max characters or 50 words.
WCF: 300×250 banner and url
Sponsored Email
Limited inventory.

Your HTML email is sent directly to the Risk & Insurance audience. Since the email comes “from” R&I it is sure to clear spam filters and get reader’s attention.

Specs: Unlimited length, 100K html/text. Subject line. All images and url’s should be hosted. Creative needs to clearly indicate that the message is solely the opinion of the sponsor.

Digital Ad Requirements

All digital creative is due one week (7 business days) before the scheduled live date. Please email the files to Kris Kaloupis and make sure to include url/subject line in the email.

All creative is kept on file for one year.

FTP Materials To

Digital Production Contact
Kris Kaloupis
Director of Client Services
610-644-2100 ext. 7759

Print Specs

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Tabloid Spread

Tabloid Spread Specs

Non-Bleed Unit Size: 19-3/4``W x 12-3/4``H
Bleed Unit Size: Live 19-3/4``W x 12-3/4``H 
Trim 20-1/2``W x 13-1/2``H 
Bleed 20-7/8``W x 13-7/8``H

Tabloid Page

Tabloid Page Specs

Non-Bleed Unit Size: 9-3/8``W x 12-3/4``H
Bleed Unit Size: Live 9-3/8``W x 12-3/4``H
Trim 10-1/4``W x 13-1/2``H Bleed 10-5/8``W x 13-7/8``H

Tabloid 1/2 Page

Tabloid 1/2 Page Specs

Non-Bleed Unit Size: 9-3/8``W x 6-1/8``H

Standard Spread

Standard Spread Specs

Non-Bleed Unit Size: 14-5/8``W x 10``H Bleed Unit Size: Live 14-5/8``W x 10``H Trim 15-1/4``W x 10-5/8``H 
Bleed 15-5/8``W x 11``H

Standard Page

Standard Page Specs

Non-Bleed Unit Size: 7``W x 10``H 
Bleed Unit Size: Live 7``W x 10``H 
Trim 7-7/16``W x 10-5/8``H 
Bleed 7-13/16``W x 11``H

Standard 1/2 Page

Standard 1/2 Page Specs

Non-Bleed Unit Size: 7``W x 4-7/8``H

Important Print Production Dates

Print Ad Requirements

Digital Ad Specifications for Print
Submit as a PDF/X1a file distilled from Post-Script (with embedded fonts). All of the high resolution images and fonts must be included when the Postscript file is saved. We recommend the use of Adobe Type 1 or OpenType fonts – no font substitutions are allowed. Images must be SWOP (CMYK or Grayscale) TIFF or EPS format between 200 and 400 dpi. Total area density should not exceed SWOP standard 300% TAC. Images should be CMYK or grayscale only. Do not nest EPS files into other EPS files. Do not embed ICC profiles within images. Do not embed OPI information in files. All required image trapping must be included in the file. All spot colors not intended to print must be converted to CMYK.

Press Proof Send ads with SWOP standard press proof. The Printer and/or Publisher cannot be held liable for color complaints when files are submitted without an acceptable color proof. Publisher will not be responsible for quality of reproduction if materials provided do not meet these specifications.

Alterations Advertisements requiring alterations, such as, editing, image manipulation, reductions or enlargements, trapping, etc., will be billed pre-press charges at the publisher’s prevailing rates. Approximate costs can be quoted in advance.

Retention of Materials Ad material will only be retained up to one year following use unless return is specifically requested.

Mail Materials To
Risk & Insurance® Production Department

925 Harvest Drive
Suite 230
Blue Bell, PA 19422

FTP Materials To
Print Production Contact
Suzanne Shultz
Production Manager
610-644-2100 ext. 7764

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