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Risk & Insurance covers the people, stories and risks that embody the essential functions of risk management and commercial insurance.
Some people think of risk management and commercial insurance as staid and dull. Even some insurance executives believe their industry is inferior to the power of Wall Street or innovation of Silicon Valley. That’s where we come in.
We see Risk as the most pervasive challenge facing business leaders. The world is becoming ever more interconnected and developed while the speed of technological innovation increases and societal unrest grows. The result is the proliferation of new risks at an almost incalculable rate, global turmoil caused by regional events and the correlation of previously independent risk categories. Without risk mitigation and transfer, primarily through insurance, our economy and society would not exist as we know it. No other profession and industry is so integral to global commerce or impacted by world events. So what’s not to love?

Risk & Insurance® strives to identify emerging risks and mitigation strategies, while covering the fascinating people who drive the industry forward. We obsess about the myriad ways insurance plays a vital role in our economy. Our goal is to not only inform and help our readers succeed in their careers but also to inspire and motivate.



Topics We Cover

While our approach and tone are our most important differentiators, we also provide expert coverage of core topics such as property and liability as well as the many specialties that comprise the risk management and commercial insurance universe. In addition, we are well known for covering specialized risks faced by a multitude of industries such as Energy, Transportation, Construction, Health Care, etc. Workers’ Compensation and the large ecosystem of related specialties is an area where we particularly excel. The coverage we provide is unmatched to any with our dedicated microsite Workers' Comp Forum® and The National Workers Compensation and Disability Conference.

The Trade Press

Gone are the days when a “trade” magazine’s primary competitive advantage was to be the only source of news about a particular industry. The digital age commoditized news and as a result reduced once vital trade magazines to little more than email alerts.

In fact, we no longer think the trade press can afford to view themselves as separate from other media outlets. In the digital realm, our readers go from the Wall Street Journal website to our website so our content and technology must be equal or better. But the web also offers an infinite choice of general news and entertainment. So our stories need to be creative, engaging and well presented.

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