A New Approach to
Digital Publishing & Advertising

It Starts With The Right Content
Starting in the fall of 2017, our team embarked on a deep analysis of what was working on our digital platform and what things we could improve. The result was nothing short of an entirely new approach. From headlines, topics, formats, and length to recognizing that we have two audiences – humans and search engines – our new platform is entirely powered by a content strategy that is digital first.
Optimized Content Distribution
Even the best content wouldn’t be worth much if it wasn’t getting to the right audience. With a new daily publishing schedule and daily newsletter, new site design, and enhanced email/social approaches – our audience engagement strategies are more robust than ever before. And our growing metrics demonstrate that the approach is working.
Audience Centric Advertising
The Risk & Insurance audience is the most sought-after in the insurance and risk management space. Powered by a unique audience database and our new digital publishing platform, clients can now engage our audience in innovative new ways. Whether it’s on our site, in our newsletters or throughout the web, clients are able to target their message to the right people at the right time.

Risk & Insurance Website+

ROS Banner ads rotate on the R&I site. In addition we leverage our 1st party audience database to target banners across the web.
Where Your Ads Appear
The Risk & Insurance Website+ requires all of these ad sizes for both onsite and remarketing inventory.
Medium Rectangle: 300×250
Wide Skyscraper: 160×600
Billboard: 970×250
Leaderboard: 728×90
Half Page: 300×600
Mobile Leaderboard: 320×50
Intromercial: 640×480
Social: 1080×1080

Persona Based Advertising

Persona Based Advertising leverages the Risk & Insurance 1st party database to reach key audience segments across the web.

Account Based Advertising

Account Based Marketing allows you to target the companies and decision makers that matter most to your business. We leverage our 1st party audience database to target banners across the web using precise business firmographics, such as company names, industries, and job function to reach influencers and decision makers across your target accounts and business segments.

Content Syndication > Lead Generation

Leverage &BrandStudio developed content to generate qualified leads. We utilize our exclusive 1st party audience database in combination with an email based syndication platform to target specific industries and executives. Supplemental to &BrandStudio Content Programs. Minimum of 100 leads.

Content Boost

Boost your content marketing and thought leadership efforts with targeted content campaigns that reach your ideal customers. We leverage our proprietary first-party audience database to target risk management professionals across multiple channels to drive qualified traffic to your content assets.

Brand Boost

Amplify your marketing efforts with targeted campaigns that reach your ideal customers. We leverage our proprietary first-party audience database to target risk and insurance professionals wherever they are browsing the web through social media and display.


The Daily List
Most days, 70,000+ opt-in subscribers
Featuring “Five Things” and the current trending stories from our website. The content is all original stories and includes a mix of articles such as digital first, Risk Insiders, columnists, print features, current events, profiles, lists of critical risks, etc.
Click Here To See a Sample
Workers’ Comp Forum
Weekly, 70,000+ opt-in subscribers
Features content from the latest issue of Risk & Insurance and presented in our signature tiled format. Large images and “read time” labels contribute to the engaging layout and high click-through rates.
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Sponsored Email
Limited Inventory. Exclusive. 70,000+ opt-in.
Email is still king for reaching business executives. Your HTML email is sent directly to the Risk & Insurance audience. Since the email comes “from” R&I it is sure to clear spam filters and get reader’s attention. Limited inventory (1 per week) ensures that recipients are not inundated with marketing messages.
Risk Central
Promotional Campaign for White Papers, Webinars and Events
Much more than just a directory, Risk Central is an integrated program to promote your thought leadership content as well as your services and products. Signing-up for Risk Central is like buying a print advertisement, multiple newsletter listings and a directory listing all in one.

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