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The Truth About Print
Have you heard that all print publications are dying?
We hear it all the time. But like many generalities, the truth is a bit more nuanced.

There is no doubt that the Internet and mobile revolutions dramatically and permanently undermined many print brands. Particularly newspapers and news weeklies whose content is time sensitive and is much better suited to digital delivery.

However, the history of media clearly shows that no channel ever completely vanishes. Instead, it evolves and shrinks until it finally finds its niche. Radio is a great example. Back in the day, radio was the only form of mass media. Today, it still thrives albeit only in people’s cars.

Given our long-form articles, monthly publishing cycle, editorial approach and reader demographics, we are confident that Risk & Insurance® in all its forms will continue to thrive for many years to come. Our readers and advertisers seem to agree, as the growth of our print magazine over the last five years is very strong.


  • Frequency: Monthly (9x)
  • Format: Long-form features
  • Channels: Print, Apps, Digital Edition
  • Awards: Power Broker, Risk All Star, Teddy Award
  • Branded Content: Risk Scenarios, Most Dangerous Emerging Risks, Risk Insider, RM Insights, Black Swan


  • Circulation: 49,540 (BPA Audited)
  • Readership: 222,063 (Includes pass-along, app and digital edition subscribers)
  • Job Function: Buyers (46%), Brokers (51%), Insurance Executives (3%)
  • Geographies: US based. 52% US based multi-nationals.
  • Demographics: Sr executives (61% director or above)

Showcase Content

Risk & Insurance is the most successful and widely read print magazine because of one simple reason – our content. We focus on executive profiles, awards, critical risks, columnists, infographics and innovative features which combine to make every issue a must read. Learn more about our editorial approach here.
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Premium Positions

Premium Positions

Power Broker

Power Broker represents individual best in-class agents & brokers! One of our industry’s most respected award designations, taking our team nearly 3 months to develop. Integrated sponsorship aligns advertisers directly with a Power Broker category across channels.  Sponsors also gain access to our coveted Power Broker Contact List and their logo is included on the awards presented to category winners.  As a sponsor, targeted advertising opportunities will get your marketing message to the most influential brokers & buyers.

Conference Editions

These opportunities are available for any event or conference where we distribute the publication. Your advertisement is featured on the magazine’s front cover. The Cover Ad is a ¼ tabloid page and the Cover Sticker is a 2 inch square.

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