2021 Media Opportunities

Several New Things:

Audience Data Platform: Collecting data across each of our platforms, aggregating it, and creating a 1:1 marketing program

Proprietary 1st Party Audience Database: Our proprietary first-party database includes highly-engaged risk management professionals, agents, brokers and senior level insurance company executives that now help us achieve over 2 million audience members.

Proprietary Engagement Platform: Uses data science and machine learning to target the users most likely to engage with your content. Prioritized Content Delivery

Data Science: Is related to data mining, machine learning and big data. AI layered across channels and offerings

The Institutes Capabilities: Several affiliate brands and events available to Risk & Insurance partners

Risk & Insurance strives to identify emerging risks and mitigation strategies, while covering the fascinating people who drive the industry forward.

We obsess about the myriad ways insurance plays a vital role in our economy.

Our goal is to not only inform and help our readers succeed in their careers but also to inspire and motivate.
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The Numbers

Market position

Most Valued, Most Trusted
Risk & Insurance is the leading magazine based on advertising market share and credibility among readers and industry executives..


22,501 (46%) subscribers
The primary R&I reader is responsible for their company's risk management, insurance, claims and workers' comp programs.


11 million impressions generated by custom content over the last 7 years
And it's not just the quantity that's impressive but also the quality and wide variety.
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25,553 (51%) broker subscribers.
The annual Power Broker awards are the most sought after recognition among insurance brokers.


28,733 (54%) subscribers
Along with our conference (NWC), we are the leading channel for reaching decision makers in the workers' comp industry.

Reader engagement

Minutes Reading Each Issue
No other B2B media outlet can deliver such an engaged audience. PS - the average time a visitor spends on a website is less than 4 minutes.


61% are Director or Above
Our readers are senior executives with purchasing responsibility.

Print Preference

Prefer the print magazine.
Without a doubt, our print magazine remains the gold standard for our audience.

Reader engagement

Average Subscription Length
The loyalty of our readership is demonstrated by the length of time they have subscribed.


102 Clients
From the largest insurers to niche cost control companies and everyone in between.
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Responsive Design

Responsively Designed Digital Offerings
Our digital offerings lead the industry in terms of design, content and readership.
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Market Position

11 national and 25 regional awards in the last 12 years
We are recognized by many of our peers as leaders in B2B editorial.



The most innovative, creative and respected magazine in the industry.


The most innovative, creative and respected magazine in the industry.


The R&I Brand Studio works with clients to develop articles, infographics, awards, events and more.

Sales Team

Matthew is the President of Risk & Insurance Group.
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Matthew Kahn

Edward is the Publisher.
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Edward Baniak

Nathan is the Vice President of Sales.
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Nathan Yeagle

Kris is the Director of Client Services.
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Kris Kaloupis

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