&Brand Studio
The &Brand Studio is a dedicated group of professionals who work with clients to develop custom content. The brand studio utilizes an identical approach and the same expertise that we use to create editorial content.

Just like the magazine, the &Brand Studio excels at developing creative ideas that engage our readers with insightful content and professional execution.
Expertise for Every Step
Our brand studio team consists of content strategists, writers, graphic designers, digital developers and project coordinators. We handle all aspects of the process from idea generation and message development, to content creation and distribution.

Given the complex and technical nature of this industry, the deep expertise and experience of our team is vital for project success.
+ Distribution
Even the best content is only as good as the audience it is exposed to. Unlike stand-alone agencies or freelance writers, content we produce is distributed to our loyal audience via best-in-class offerings.

Whether it’s the gold-standard credibility of the print magazine or the cutting edge design of the digital channels, your content is integrated into our distribution network in a manner that maximizes exposure to our audience.


Client Testimonial
“I just want to say thank you for making this first foray into branded content together seamless and dare I say, “easy”.

We appreciate the effort R&I takes to bring the client through the process effectively and painlessly.

The written piece beautifully captures our story. We look forward to our next content process with the team!”
– Sr Account Manager
Over the last seven years, our team delivered custom content projects for 102 different clients on a wide variety of topics that generated over 11 million impressions.

Custom Content Development

Your Story, Produced by R&I
A sponsored article is the most flexible opportunity to feature your thought leaders, client success stories, new products or any other marketing story that is important to you. Our team helps craft the story based on your objectives, conducts interviews and then creates the content. Along the way, you retain full control of the direction and content – it’s like having your own personal magazine working for you!

The completed story is integrated into our homepage tiles, issue content and newsletters. Combined with the responsive design of all our digital channels, your article will always look great and be seen by our large audience.

Distribution Packages

Digital, 3 per Month
Each web issue of Risk & Insurance includes three “Web Sponsored Content” articles. Throughout the month, your content is prominently displayed on our homepage alongside our issue content, rotated through Trending Stories and incorporated into multiple email newsletter and social promotions.
Print, 1 per Issue
Each print issue of Risk & Insurance includes only one advertising feature called “Perspective”. Prominently positioned in front of the cover story, “Perspective” is your chance to present a case study, thought-leadership or other story in the gold-standard print edition of R&I.
Insights Email
2 Versions: Regular or Workers’ Comp
Email is still king for reaching business executives. “Insights” is a custom email newsletter developed for you by the &Brand Studio and delivered to 70,000+ R&I opt-in subscribers. Limited inventory and responsive templates ensure that your custom case-study, thought leadership or other story always looks great and is seen by our large audience.

Massive Guides

Dominate Organic Search Results
Massive Guides are an SEO focused offering. The objective is to identify a strategic keyword or search phrase and then produce content that will rank in the top tier of organic search results. We utilize a proprietary approach and content format that enables us to leverage our platform to accomplish this goal.

Our team conducts the keyword research and competitive content analysis to develop the topic specific strategy. We then create the content and integrate your content and executive quotes into the finished guide. Sponsorship includes advertising, content integration, links, executive quotes, content downloads and repurposing rights.

Risk Scenarios

Our Most Popular Content, Created In Partnership With You
Risk Scenarios are hypothetical, yet realistic stories, that showcase how emerging risks can result in significant losses if not properly addressed. The approach utilizes stories complete with characters and events modeled after the real world to create engaging narratives that readers relate to.
Risk & Insurance editors create each scenario in partnership with you to ensure that the story aligns with your objectives. After the scenario ends, you present your solution in a designated section titled, “Lesson’s Learned .”

Launched in 2012, Risk Scenarios immediately became our most unique and popular offering. The stories are used by over 10 universities as part of their Risk Management curriculum and are consistently rated as “most engaging” by our readership.
Read Risk Scenarios

Case Studies

The following case studies highlight custom projects produced by the &Brand Studio. Each project was developed in close consultation with the client to align with their goals.
Perhaps most importantly, there is a customized production process behind each project that minimizes client workload while ensuring the highest quality content.

The Risk Matrix

Print + Digital
2017 – Present

Challenge: Our largest client wanted to build upon the success of our relationship by creating a new, custom sponsorship program. Thought-leadership, editorial topic alignment across print/digital/social channels and driving our audience to their own content were all top objectives. The client is the top marketer in the industry and particularly values our team’s expertise and professionalism at executing content programs.

OfferingThe Risk Matrix is a graphic that charts the key risks facing a sector based upon relative “frequency and severity”. This editorial content is featured in every print issue of Risk & Insurance and across our digital platforms. The web version includes the ability for our sponsor to integrate links to their own related content. While the topics are crafted in partnership with the sponsor, all editorial content is created independently by Risk & Insurance. In addition to multiple advertising opportunities, The Risk Matrix is exclusively licensed by the client for various thought- leadership efforts.

The Profession

Print + Digital
2016 – Present

Challenge: Create an integrated sponsorship that aligns editorial content with an exclusive sponsorship opportunity for a large global insurance broker. Monthly risk manager profiles should align with the broker’s Empowering Results tagline. Content is engaging both in print and online.

Offering: The Profession is a monthly risk manager profile presented in Q&A format. The print section is a custom 2 page layout and includes the sponsor’s full page tabloid ad. Each installment is designed to highlight the risk manager’s results and is featured in every issue of Risk & Insurance, spanning multiple print and digital channels. The risk manager selection and customized design are created in partnership with the sponsor, all editorial content is created independently by Risk & Insurance. The Profession is exclusively licensed by the client for various thought-leadership efforts.

Risk Scenarios Live!

Event + Print + Digital + Video
2013 – 2016

Challenge: Risk Scenarios is our most differentiated and popular editorial offering. The unique approach provides our editors and partners with an engaging platform that can dig deeper into complex risk situations than a more traditional article.  Leveraging the creative potential of this approach for a live event seemed like the natural next step.

Offering: The first Risk Scenarios Live! was presented at our National Workers’ Comp Conference in 2013. Produced in partnership with a long-time client, “The Defeat of Lupe” was a multi-media enhanced session that utilized pro-shot videos, live narration and audience polling to present the scenario. A panel of excerpts provided feedback and insights into how the challenges presented in the scenario could be prevented or better managed. The session was one of the best attended and highest rated of the conference. The content from the session was later utilized for the print and web versions.

Executive Roundtable

Event + Print + Digital + Video
2012 – 2016

Challenge: A CEO approached us with an idea for a custom project.  At a previous company, Mr. CEO sponsored a series of Executive Roundtables. Each Roundtable was moderated by an editor from a magazine (not R&I) and was featured in the print issue. How could the &Brand Studio build upon this approach?

Offering: Each Executive Roundtable brings together a group of our partner’s clients to participate in a discussion moderated by a Risk & Insurance editor. Highlights of the discussion are published in print and online. In addition, videos of each participant are integrated into all digital versions. The combination of an in-person client event, high quality content and multi-media extras make for a powerful marketing program.

Responsibility Leader

Award + Print + Digital
2008 – 2015

Challenge: When Liberty Mutual launched a new brand campaign focused on Responsibility, they looked for opportunities to relate the message to Risk Managers and Brokers. The campaign was well supported by outstanding TV, print and digital assets – what was needed were content driven offerings that could supplement the advertising with specific definitions of  Responsibility.

OfferingResponsibility Leader is  a companion designation to Risk & Insurance’s Power Broker and Risk All Star awards. Select winners of the primary awards are designated Responsibility Leaders through a concurrent application and judging process. Unique criteria for the designation is developed for each award, helping to define responsibility to the entire R&I audience. To date, over 100 Responsibility Leaders have been designated, essentially becoming living brand representatives for Liberty Mutual.

The Risk List

Print + Digital
2014 – 2017

Challenge: Develop new editorial content that provides an exclusive sponsorship opportunity for a Fortune 100 insurer with a leading global brand. Topics should align with various industry groups and insurance lines to support client profit centers. Content is engaging both in print and online.

Offering: The Risk List combines an adaptable structure (top 10 list) with custom info-graphics to create a unique and engaging editorial offering. Each installment presents emerging risks in an industry or insurance line and is featured in every issue of Risk & Insurance. While the topics are crafted in partnership with the sponsor, all editorial content is created independently by Risk & Insurance. In addition to multiple advertising opportunities, The Risk List is exclusively licensed by the client for various thought-leadership efforts.

Point of Action

Print + Digital
2009 – 2013

Challenge: A leading global insurer wanted to develop thought-leadership content that was brand exclusive and engaging to readers. There were several specific goals – feature many different executives, integrate the content with high-quality editorial, re-purpose the content for brand publications and utilize a professional workflow to efficiently produce the content.

Offering: Each month, two R&I editors debated different perspectives of an issue in a popular feature called Point/Counter-Point. Point Of Action was presented alongside and focused on practical solutions. While the topic was aligned to the client’s interests, the R&I editorial was independent. Our brand studio team worked with the client to interview each executive, write the Point of Action and manage the entire process.

This carefully structured approach built a large readership who appreciated the robust editorial debates while providing the client a platform to present practical solutions or expertise.

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