Sleek. Bold. Responsive.

In a word – immersive.

An immersive reading experience?

We’re glad you asked.
The clean layout and typographic design keeps your focus on the content. The “infinite scroll,” simplified navigation and Google search make finding interesting articles easy. Combined with innovative content offerings like Risk Scenarios and Risk Insider – our digital offerings are unique and highly respected.

Responsive Design

Our website and emails utilize a responsive design. That means the layout automatically adjusts to different screen sizes. You can see the technology in action by adjusting the size of your browser window. It’s pretty cool.
But responsive design is more than just a neat trick. It ensures that our content and your advertising looks great and works well on all screen sizes.

Highest Quality Advertising Opportunities

Not all digital advertising is created equal. Our digital properties offer large, beautiful advertisements that reach your target audience in an uncluttered and technologically advanced environment. Some of the key benefits we offer include:
  • Impactful Sizes: Large banners offer the opportunity to create engaging images to tell your brand story.
  • Rich Media: Enhance your brand story with video or animation.
  • One Ad – All Channels: Each banner includes web and mobile versions.
  • Less is More: Our design ethos is to boldly feature content (ours and yours) with as little clutter as possible.
  • Optimized Viewability: Our ad units are featured in the right margin and remain on screen as the reader scrolls through an article to ensure maximum viewability.


Homepage Leaderboard

Includes Desktop and Mobile. Rotation of 3 per month. ROS or WC Forum.

Prominently featured under the homepage cover image, this extra-large advertisement remains in view as the reader scrolls through the content. Rich media enabled.


Includes Desktop and Mobile. Rotation of 3 per month. ROS or WC Forum.

Top position for each article and optimized to ensure maximum viewability, each Skyscraper offers a large palette for marketers to present a compelling brand message.


Includes Desktop and Mobile. Rotation of 3 per month. ROS or WC Forum.

Each content square is placed by hand into the article layout to ensure maximum visibility while minimizing reader distraction. The well positioned advertisements compliment the article’s design and provide marketers with excellent share of voice.


Includes Desktop and Mobile. Exclusive. ROS.

The premier position, featuring a very large and customizable advertisement, presented full-screen prior to a user reaching the site. Rich media enabled.



Weekly, 70,000+ opt-in, Responsive (click to view)

Each week, R&I editors curate the best stories from Risk & Insurance and around the web. Selected by hand and presented in our signature tiled format, stories include many of our most popular offerings such as Risk Insider, Risk Scenarios, web exclusives and infographics.

Issue Preview

Twice per Issue, 70,000+ opt-in, Responsive (click to view)

Features content from the latest issue of Risk & Insurance and presented in our signature tiled format. Large images and “read time” labels contribute to the engaging layout and high click-through rates.

Risk Insider

Weekly, 70,000+ opt-in, Responsive (click to view)

Risk Insiders are an unrivaled group of leading executives focused on the topic of Risk. They share their insights and opinions – and from time to time their pet peeves and gripes on the Risk & Insurance website. The weekly newsletter features the best contributions selected by our editors.

WC Forum

Weekly, 70,000+ opt-in, Responsive (click to view)

Each week, our workers’ comp editors select the best stories from our WC Forum, LRP Publications and from around the web. Additional contributions from Risk Insiders and Risk & Insurance create the most widely read workers’ comp related newsletter.


Sponsored Email

1 per week. Exclusive. 70,000+ opt-in.

Email is still king for reaching business executives. Your HTML email is sent directly to the Risk & Insurance audience. Since the email comes “from” R&I it is sure to clear spam filters and get reader’s attention. Limited inventory (1 per week) ensures that recipients are not inundated with marketing messages.

Risk Central

Promotional Campaign for White Papers, Webinars and Events

Much more than just a directory, Risk Central is an integrated program to promote your thought leadership content as well as your services and products. Signing-up for Risk Central is like buying a print advertisement, multiple newsletter listings and a directory listing all in one.

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